We help you put together all of the necessary pieces to achieve the retirement of your dreams.  See our extensive list of services below:

Personal  Asset Advisors


social security maximization

WHEN and HOW you choose to receive Social Security can have a HUGE impact on your benefits for the rest of your life.  Scott's the expert; he can help you maximize your benefits.  Learn more


Retirement can seem daunting to some, but not to us.  We see retirement as a grand adventure.  Our mission is to help clients tackle their worries, face their fears, and plan with confidence for the journey ahead.  Learn more


To accumulate wealth successfully, selecting appropriate investment vehicles is a must.  Thus the most important question for retirees is, "Which investments are best for me?"  Learn more

family friendly Estate planning

Scott has drafted or updated thousands of wills, powers of attorney, living wills, and living trusts during his extensive legal career.   He can help you with your planning too.  Learn more

Long-term and nursing home care

The cost of long-term care MUST be addressed, but seldom is.  Scott has discovered several sensible and affordable solutions to this serious problem.  Learn more

INSURANCE analysis, review, and refinancing

Do you have enough insurance?  Too much?  The right kind?  Scott can work with you to assess your needs and determine if what you have is appropriate.  Learn more

financial and personal organization solutions

We waste 12 months of our lives looking for lost papers.  Widows are left to sort through the mess and find important documents.  We help our clients get their ducks in a row.  Learn more

preserving personal treasures and life stories

At the end of our lives, all that is left of us is our stories and the heirloom objects that help tell those stories.  Scott is a national expert in preserving personal treasures and family stories.  Learn more


business owner coaching

Being a business owner can be a lonely job, and sometimes you need a friend in the business.  Scott has worked with hundreds of business owners, so he understands the territory.  Learn more

getting out of debt

Going into retirement while still in debt is a BIG mistake.  Scott's proven strategies for getting out of debt quickly will give you peace of mind as you head toward your golden years.  Learn more

teaching your kids and grandkids about money & values

Family giving creates the perfect environment to teach the meaning of money, family teamwork, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and focusing on family member values.  Learn more