Legacy Costs ─ What will you leave to loved ones and your favorite charities?

Fun Costs ─ What are the extras that will make your retirement rewarding and meaningful?

Care Costs ─ How will you pay for health care and long term care?

Core Costs ─ What are your basic living expenses and how will you cover them?

Three Phases of Retirement 

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Retirement can seem daunting to some, but not to us.  We see retirement as a grand adventure.  Our mission is to help clients tackle their worries, face their fears, and plan with confidence for the journey ahead. 

Do you have a Game Plan or a Realistic Budget for your Retirement Years?

The quality of your retirement depends on the quality of the thinking and planning you do beforehand.  Your retirement will likely last 20, 25, or 30 years, yet most have not thought beyond the first few months.  Virtually no one has a realistic budget for all three phases of retirement:  "The Go-Go Phase, The Slow-Go Phase, and the No-Go Phase."

Retirement has Phases . . .

We help you plan for all three phases of your retirement years. 

Go-Go Years ─ Early retirement; the active phase

Slow-Go Years ─ Middle retirement; the less-active phase

No-Go Years ─ Late retirement; the inactive phase

Our Retirement Planning Process

Step 1.  The Foundation Session

● How can Social Security Maximization help you enjoy happiness in retirement?
The anchor to a successful retirement is guaranteed, inflation-proof income that you can’t outlive.  Our customized 12-page analysis will make sure you don’t leave hundreds of thousands of dollars of lifetime Social Security income on the table.   Then we’ll explore what it means to you to thrive and flourish during the final one-third of your life.

Step 2.  The Discovery Session

● What tools and resources are available to turn your vision into reality?

Retirees need to dream big without losing touch with reality. In this session we sharpen our pencils and crunch the numbers.  We examine all aspects of your current situation and project how those elements will play out as you move forward into the future.

Step 3.  The Strategy Session

● How do we make sure your vision really does come true?

Your customized Retirement Game Plan will bring together your hopes and dreams for the future, plus the numbers, costs, budgets, financial tools, and strategic projections needed to achieve those results in the real world.   Your Plan is completely actionable, with timelines, decision points, and step-by-step instructions.

Step 4.  The Implementation Session

● What concrete steps are required to bring it all together?
Once your plan has been designed, we move forward to implement its recommendations. Our aim is to assure that you get started on the right food and then stay on track, enjoying the retirement journey of your dreams.