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But even though I had the perfect system, I had a hard time actually getting organized.  Despite my best intentions, something always seemed to get in the way.  (Remember the old saying about the cobbler’s children having no shoes?  That was me.)  

So, swallowing my pride, I called in the Personal Asset Advisors’ team of professional document organizers.  Within a couple of hours, like magic, all our vital records and information were perfectly organized and accessible.  Done!  Just like that!

But there was one more piece.  To make sure our data was safe if something were to happen to the box, we backed up the entire system digitally through the wonder of computers, scanners, and external data storage.  Now everything in the vault is immediately available with the click of a mouse.  

The Author’s Personal Story  

My name is Scott Farnsworth and I’m an estate planning attorney and a Certified Financial Planner.  My wife Marcie is a stay-at-home mom.  Like many women, she worried about what would happen to her if something happened to me.  

After we started having children, she began to insist that every year or so, she and I would have what she called “Widow’s Night.”  That’s when I review our estate planning and explain — in layman’s terms that she can understand — what we have, where it is, and what it all means.

As our affairs got more complicated, we realized we needed a better system for keeping our vital information safe, organized, and accessible.  After three hurricanes in 2004, we realized it also had to be portable.  

The Problem with Disorganization


Here’s a scary statistic:


Americans spend an average of 12 months of their lives looking for missing important papers.


That’s insane!


Marcie and I still have “Widow’s Night” from time to time when we talk about our estate planning and I explain in everyday English what we have, where it is, and what it all means.  She appreciates having her own Widow’s Box.  She says it gives her a sense of security and peace of mind.   As it turns out, that’s very good for me too.  You know what they say: “Happy wife, happy life.”  

The Personal Asset Advisors’ Solution . . .  

Say Hello to Financial Clarity

At Personal Asset Advisors, we work with busy people who aren’t sure if they’re on track financially because their investments, retirement plans, bank accounts, insurance policies, and vital records are scattered, uncoordinated and poorly organized.  We help our clients clear up the clutter, get their arms around their money matters, and move ahead with confidence.  Getting started is easy because we come to them.  Staying on track is easy because of our consistent and supportive follow-up.   

We get you organized and keep you organized in three steps:

Step 1   Your Life: Organized—The Widow’s Box:  We copy, organize and store all your essential legal and financial documents in a locked and completely private storage vault with handles and wheels for emergency transport.  Inside The Widow’s Box, your data is organized into a comprehensive 12-folder, 100-file system covering every contingency.

Step 2   Your Life: Organized—The Digital Vault:  We scan, organize and store all your essential legal and financial documents on your personal computer or an external hard drive for complete privacy. Inside your Digital Vault, your data is systematically structured in the same 12-folder, 100-file pattern as the Emergency Vault.  

So our team at Personal Asset Advisors went to work and created “The Widow’s Box.”  It’s the world’s most intelligent system for managing a family’s financial information, legal documents, and life records.  It fits in a sturdy metal vault with handles and wheels, so we can grab it and go at a moment’s notice.  Marcie loved it.  

Everyone knows how important it is to get their important financial and legal papers in order but almost no one ever does it.  Life gets in the way—work, kids, bills, school, vacations, you name it.  As a result, despite our best intentions, it never gets done.  

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.  

Let’s be frank.  What you’ve done so far hasn’t worked.  How long are you going to keep up the insanity?

  How many times have you tried to organize your family financial information, legal documents, and life records?

  How much time have you wasted looking for important papers?

  What if — heaven forbid — something happened to you or your spouse?  Who’s going to have to straighten up the mess then?

WE CAN HELP!  The Personal Asset Advisor Organization System can change your life and give you peace of mind, both now and for later when the inevitable happens.

Step 3  Your Life: Organized—The Quarterly Update:  It’s one thing to get organized; it’s quite another to stay organized.  That’s why we offer our Quarterly Update Service.  Every 90 days, we return to make sure your system has remained organized.  We refresh and update both your Widow’s Box and your Digital Vault.  That makes it easy for you and especially easy for those you leave behind.